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What People Are Saying
I’ve been training with Jeremy for over a year and couldn’t be any happier with the results I’ve gotten! During our training sessions, Jeremy stays completely focused on me and our workout. He consistently varies our exercises so we are always attacking the muscles from different sides, leading to noticeable gains in strength and size. He knows exactly what to say to motivate me to push that extra bit harder during our workout, never making me feel like I’m failing. Most importantly, Jeremy knows and understands my lifestyle, my body type, and my goals, and uses a holistic approach that has helped me love myself and my body more than I’ve ever experienced before. If you want proven results, a highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and inspiring coach to help you reach and exceed your goals, I recommend signing up for a training package with Jeremy – you won’t be disappointed! Brien O'Brien

After retiring, I realized I had to do something to get back into shape. I have been very happy with Jeremy: he has a positive attitude and wants to help. He shows up on time and when I’m there, he pays full attention to me–not to his phone, and not to other people. Jeremy has given me simple, easy-to-follow advice about diet and physical activity outside the studio. He patiently answers my questions. As a result, I have regained flexibility, I’ve dropped a lot of extra weight, and I’m building the strength I used to have and wanted to get back. I can’t say enough about how easy it is to work with Jeremy. He’s not a pushover: he expects me to work hard, but in a healthful way. We’ve developed a nice friendship and I’m on my way to getting back in shape. Paul Perrotta

I started my fitness journey when I first came to the United States. I felt unconfident and weak. I began to work out and go to the gym as a way to build that confidence. I trained by myself daily and saw how it positively increased my self esteem. I enjoyed working out and was amazed at how it was changing my physique. However, despite my hard work I was not able to meet all of my goals no matter how hard I trained. Then after many years of setbacks I met Jeremy.

At first, we talked about my goals and how I wanted to change my overall physique and compete in the future. Then, we began training together. He clearly understood my vision and made a plan for me to be able to accomplish these goals.

The beginning was tough for me because I had to get through a lot of physical and emotional challenges. Jeremy encouraged me to give it 110% no matter how difficult. During this time, he was always there for me to support me and cheer my on. He understood what I was going through. I am very grateful to have a person like him in my life to guide me in the right direction. Aldo Moto

I have always been in very good shape and athletic throughout my life but hadn’t been in a gym for quite a while and I am about to turn 60 and thought it is time to try to be in the best shape I can be to beat the odds but where to turn for help was the question. I heard of Jeremy Fontanet personal training at Muscle Force in Palm Springs and was a bit intimidated when I first met him and signed up. Intimidated because I am not a muscle body builder and when you meet him at first you can’t get over his size. Was he really going to work with me?? The answer came immediately in the first session. Not only is he knowledgeable and have amazing planned out workouts but his personality and care is surpassed by very few. This gentle giant put me at ease immediately and we became a team, a true team to meet my goals I set out for myself. I am now on my second year of working out with Jeremy and the transformation has surpassed my wildest goals and dreams. When I am not in the area Jeremy is willing to work with me on line to continue my process. At any age or at any point of condition you need to find the right person to not only motivate you but to make you want to come back day after day to work out and I know I found it with Jeremy. He is that spark and and push that makes me want to push my body to get results but also to have the confidence in my inner being. My husband, who is five years older and not as athletic, saw my change and asked about starting. His motivation was very different than mine. He wanted to become more flexible and work on his balance as he ages. Jeremy is now working with him in a very tailored program for his needs and to say the least, my husband is loving it and is now hooked as mush as I am. I cannot say enough about Jeremy as a trainer and I certainly cannot say enough about Jeremy as caring human. Craig Hartzman

If you are looking for a personal trainer that focuses on the client and results, Jeremy is your guy. While other trainers bring their expertise, Jeremy stands out for me in that he tailors our sessions based on my evolving goals, such as an upcoming race, and how my body is moving. Whether I am looking to focus on range of motion, strength training, or address a setback Jeremy tailors my training for these events and keeps me on track. Then he encourages me to push a bit more. That focus and motivation from Jeremy is the whole point of having a trainer to begin with! Jim Kroll

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