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Who We ARE

Body Hero Fitness is a growing training company of online training and one-on-one training based in Palm Springs, California. Certified NASM of personal training (CPT) and Fitness Nutrition (FNS) we provide quality services in English and French languages.
With more than 7 years in the fitness industry we will put all the knowledge we have in the direction of a successful journey.



My Promise

Every case is different and will be treated as such. There’s no gimmick, no pre-made plan. After meticulously reviewing your questionnaires, diet samples and other information we will tailor a 12 weeks program made for you and only you.

We believe that you are worth putting much efforts and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you reach your goals as enjoyably, fast and safe as possible.


At Body Hero Fitness we believe that it doesn’t have to be complicated, boring or frustrating. It all starts with your mind and how you tell yourself hows its gonna be. Muscle-mind connection is not only applicable to the physical workout but to how you set your mind in order for those achievements to align with your desire.

Work hard, be consistent but have fun and relax. It’s all gonna unfold as it supposed to be.


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